Calendar Co-op Programs

Looking for an easier way to manage many individual calendar orders for all of your separate locations or sales people?   Consider a calendar co-op program (details:


A calendar co-op program can help address complications in offering co-branded calendars involving multiple ordering parties and special pricing scenarios including cost sharing, special discounts and/or rebate programs.

While co-op programs involving custom calendars will require a minimum quantity guarantee,  our standard calendar co-op program requires much less commitment and are largely based around your own internal cost sharing structure.

A typical standard product co-op program will look something like this:


(1. Co-operative Agreement.  Program benefits, cost sharing, payment terms, artwork, brand and program order requirements.)


(2. Program Details.  As part of the co-op agreement, the co-op offering organization must communicate program details to their constituents.)


(3. facilitates the calendar shopping, graphic design, production, split payment processing and individual drop shipping of each order.   This gives individual agents/offices the ability to order the format/quantity/style/theme calendar of their choice, on their schedule with the same cost split structure already in place within many organizations.)


(4. Cost share repayment.  The specifics concerning co-op discounting,cost sharing and billing terms will vary by program.)

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