Up your game a notch with “Your Name Here” personalized calendars

Promotional gifts are one of the best ways to make your business known, increase your brand awareness and turn your potential leads into loyal customers. However, since most businesses utilize this form of marketing, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. People are used to receiving promotional gifts so if you want to make an impression you need to make something different.

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We thrive on human connection and the personal approach is the single most effective tool when it comes to marketing and sales. But is it possible to make your promotional gifts personalized without spending a fortune – or an impossible amount of time?

In short, yes! At ValueCalendars.com we offer the unique opportunity to print one-of-a-kind custom calendars as a part of your business advertising campaign. These calendars are printed with state-of-the-art variable imaging technology which inserts each recipients’ name into every photo of the calendar. What this essentially means is that you can create hundreds or thousands of custom print calendars and make each one of your recipients feel special.

Be prepared for a follow-up call asking for more!

Individually personalized image name calendars are available in desk calendar, wall calendar, greeting card calendar and monthly pocket planner formats.


Personalized calendars are a great way to remind your customers about the amazing products and services your company offers, but if you want to stand out from the crowd – and the other promotional calendar & gifts every client will receive over the year – you need to up your game a notch. These “Your Name Here” personalized calendars are easy to make and extremely affordable, producing outstanding results for just a fraction of the price of other display advertising.  All you need to do to make each and every recipient feel like they are the most valued customer of your company is to provide a spreadsheet of the names – and let us here at ValueCalendars.com do the rest.

These personal name calendars may not be for all of your clients, but perfectly suited for your best!

Farmers Almanac Calendars for Business Advertising

One of the great things about promotional calendars is the breadth of interest categories and calendar formats to shop through.  The excessively large selection is designed to help clients find a great calendar medium to accentuate their specific brand or that appeals to their specific audience.  Two great related calendar categories that highlight this benefit well are our traditional commercial Almanac calendars and our appointment style Old Farmers Almanac calendars.

Almanac calendars in general have been around for a long time, with references dating back to the 1200’s, Almanacs are printed annually and are known for their specific inclusion of agricultural, astronomical, and meteorological data.  Modern Almanac calendars for promotion also include detailed fishing, health, safety and zodiac information.

These Almanac calendars are well suited for a wide variety of organizational advertising and gifting, however, possibly best suited for organizations working within the agricultural arena.  Farmers and all businesses serving their industry (farm equipment & implements, tractor dealers, feed suppliers, credit unions, insurance agencies, etc.) can immediately benefit from.

By aligning your advertising message and your clients core values, you can achieve the highest value possible for this year long investment.

You can shop our of our Promotional Farmers Almanac Calendars here:

Commercial Almanac Calendars

Custom Traditional Almanac Calendar
Traditional Almanac Calendar
Promotional Almanac Calendar
Promotional 12-Sheet Almanac Calendar
Custom Imprinted Large Almanac Calendar
Large Almanac Calendar
Custom Imprinted Small Almanac Calendar
Small Almanac Calendar

View all:  Commercial Almanac Calendars


Old Farmers Almanac Calendars

Promotional Old Farmers Almanac Calendars
Old Farmers Almanac Gardening Calendar
Old Farmers Almanac Calendars For Business
Old Farmers Almanac Recipes Calendar
Personalized Old Farmers Almanac Calendars
Old Farmers Almanac Everyday Advice Calendars
Custom Old Farmers Almanac Calendars
Old Farmers Almanac Baby Animals Calendar

View all:  Old Farmers Almanac Calendars


Almanac Calendars for Business Advertising


Custom Calendar & Promotional Calendar Category Updates

While updating our calendar store, there were a series of calendar category name and taxonomy adjustments that caused undesired broken or misdirected links.  All final planned changes have completed and updated URL redirects are in place, hopefully making all bookmarked products and saved page links relevant once more.

Following is the complete updated calendar website page hierarchy as of April 289, 2016:

Site map

We appreciate your continued interest in our calendar printing company.  If you have any questions, please let us know.


Scott Russell
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Fun promotional calendar advertisements from ValueCalendars.com

Here at ValueCalendars.com, we have the privilege of helping advertisers find the right custom calendar to compliment and project their organization’s brand and marketing message.  Each year, our calendar designers work hard to discover amazing images to pair with both timeless and contemporary designs that focus on elevating the power of your custom message.

The annual calendar shopping experience should be fun.  At least we think so!

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We appreciate your interest and continued support of our company.  If you have any questions about standard imprinted or completely custom business calendars, please let us know.


Scott Russell
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4 Insanely USEFUL Benefits of Calendar Advertising

Looking for offline methods to promote your brand? Have you ever considered advertising with calendars?

Well, you’re not alone. There are many out there who are looking for promotional items to build a sizeable fan-following. Calendar is one such advertising vehicle. However, lack of knowledge, at times, prevents them from using promotional calendars & day planners as powerful marketing tools.

Having said that, let’s quickly take a dig at top 4 benefits of calendar advertising for your company:

Brand Building

A well-designed calendar is bound to be noticed by onlookers. For example, if your client is using a calendar with your company’s logo and slogan, he is likely to memorize your brand over a time-period. And next time if he hears someone talk about your company, he’ll recognize it instantly. This builds brand awareness 🙂

Since, your business calendar is used by your client in their office it also opens up the possibilities of personal recommendation. Not only is your brand endorsed to your client’s employees/co-workers but also to his customers, vendors, and visitors.

Moreover, you can use this promotional calendar for internal customers too. While your employees may be cognizant of company’s logo, they may have problems memorizing corporate address or important extensions. Have custom calendars onsite and you can easily boost your brand!

Useful Gifts

Planning a visit to an important client and don’t want to go empty-handed? Well, you can take a commercial calendar or a useful desk planner along, and your client will be delighted to receive it.

Unlike flyers or brochures that serve no purpose, calendars will be used by your client all year round. Not only he can use it for keeping track of the days but can also rely wholly on it for all his appointments & meetings.

While it advertises your brand for a long-term, it makes a useful gift for your patrons, a win-win situation for both 🙂

Quite Affordable

True, that calendars are not as exciting & engaging as TV commercials, but it has been proven that they provide effective advertising at fraction of the cost.

Unlike newspaper, radio, and TV advertisements which are likely to be flipped past or muted or missed, calendars have high capability to fully broadcast your message.

Since calendars are seen by people almost on all days of the year, your message has a great probability of reaching its full potential. And, obviously, you can’t ignore the immense affordability!

Amazingly Versatile

You are mistaken if you are using calendar only to track dates and days. From building your identity, increasing your traffic to motivating your employees, calendars can possibly do everything a small business owner is looking for.

Use it at Point of Purchase, Door Openers, Safety Programs, Public Relations or use them as ‘give-aways’ at Trade Shows and other special occasions or give them as holiday gifts and business gifts.

Fund Raising, Community Pride, Yearlong Thanks & Product Illustration are some of the uses of an advertising calendar.

Interested in advertising your organization with calendars?  Shop our complete selection here:  ValueCalendars.com

Early Bird Discounts | 2017 Calendar Update Complete!


With nearly all 2017 business calendar themes updated, we gave the final thumbs up to our announcement mailing containing the 2017 Early Bird Discount details.

For 2016 (2017 calendars) we are offering two Early Bird Discounts:  1st) 12% off thru 5/31/16,  use code EB12;  2nd) 7% off thru 7/31/16, use code EB7. Applies to Standard and Custom calendars in our store!

Check our new store and take a peek through our new calendars.

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(Click image to view as PDF)

Featured is our most popular custom calendar, the 13-month custom photo appointment calendar.  (Link to Custom Photo Calendars)

Returning customer will notice many new categories of promotional calendar formats and themes.   Additional in-depth updates on specific calendar style are in the works, but thanks to our cool new site map I can give you an quick overview of the breadth and depth of our 2017 promotional and custom business calendar line-up.

Here is the site map for our business calendar website (clink link to follow):

We really appreciate your interest in our company.  If we can help with anything else please let us know.  Thank you!


Scott @ ValueCalendars.com

Calendar Co-op Programs

Looking for an easier way to manage many individual calendar orders for all of your separate locations or sales people?   Consider a calendar co-op program (details: valuecalendars.com/calendar_co-op_program).


A calendar co-op program can help address complications in offering co-branded calendars involving multiple ordering parties and special pricing scenarios including cost sharing, special discounts and/or rebate programs.

While co-op programs involving custom calendars will require a minimum quantity guarantee,  our standard calendar co-op program requires much less commitment and are largely based around your own internal cost sharing structure.

A typical standard product co-op program will look something like this:


(1. Co-operative Agreement.  Program benefits, cost sharing, payment terms, artwork, brand and program order requirements.)


(2. Program Details.  As part of the co-op agreement, the co-op offering organization must communicate program details to their constituents.)


(3. ValueCalendars.com facilitates the calendar shopping, graphic design, production, split payment processing and individual drop shipping of each order.   This gives individual agents/offices the ability to order the format/quantity/style/theme calendar of their choice, on their schedule with the same cost split structure already in place within many organizations.)


(4. Cost share repayment.  The specifics concerning co-op discounting,cost sharing and billing terms will vary by program.)

Contact us to start the conversation if interested–we’d love to help!




Calendar Format Categories

Calendar Format Category Listings

We will expand upon our different categories of calendars and highlight specific calendar products in future posts, but here is a brief listing that we hope you’ll find helpful:

Promotional Calendars – by Format


New custom calendar formats

We’re proud to announce the arrival of several new custom calendar products to our companies lineup.

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View all custom calendars here: https://www.valuecalendars.com/products/custom_calendars

For years, our custom calendar offering was limited to our custom 13-month appointment style calendar, making the arrival of these new calendars so exciting:

Custom Apron (Billboard) Calendars feature a large full color ad area with a stock, stapled tear-sheet calendar grid.  A very traditional commercial calendar option.

Custom Desktop Calendars are available in spiral tent format with two very different variations.  The traditional custom tent style desk calendar allows for your custom monthly images and 2-sided imprint.  The second custom desktop calendar we offer is the Image/Name Personalized Desk Calendar that utilizes your supplied data file (xls or csv) to create one of a kind individual calendars that incorporate each recipients name into the photo.  A truly memorable personalized gift.

Custom Full Year View Calendars are an affordable custom option that demand attention.  The extra large year-at-a-glance calendars are used in high traffic public areas ensuring many visual impressions of your advertising message throughout the year.

Custom Stick Up Calendars are among the most affordable custom photo calendar option.  Small convenient size makes them a handy trade show give away, counter top gift or invoice stuffer.

It is our goal to continually work to improve the breadth of calendar products and the level service we offer, to give our customers the very best experience possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us–we definitely want to help!

Scott @ ValueCalendars.com