4 Insanely USEFUL Benefits of Calendar Advertising

Looking for offline methods to promote your brand? Have you ever considered advertising with calendars?

Well, you’re not alone. There are many out there who are looking for promotional items to build a sizeable fan-following. Calendar is one such advertising vehicle. However, lack of knowledge, at times, prevents them from using promotional calendars & day planners as powerful marketing tools.

Having said that, let’s quickly take a dig at top 4 benefits of calendar advertising for your company:

Brand Building

A well-designed calendar is bound to be noticed by onlookers. For example, if your client is using a calendar with your company’s logo and slogan, he is likely to memorize your brand over a time-period. And next time if he hears someone talk about your company, he’ll recognize it instantly. This builds brand awareness 🙂

Since, your business calendar is used by your client in their office it also opens up the possibilities of personal recommendation. Not only is your brand endorsed to your client’s employees/co-workers but also to his customers, vendors, and visitors.

Moreover, you can use this promotional calendar for internal customers too. While your employees may be cognizant of company’s logo, they may have problems memorizing corporate address or important extensions. Have custom calendars onsite and you can easily boost your brand!

Useful Gifts

Planning a visit to an important client and don’t want to go empty-handed? Well, you can take a commercial calendar or a useful desk planner along, and your client will be delighted to receive it.

Unlike flyers or brochures that serve no purpose, calendars will be used by your client all year round. Not only he can use it for keeping track of the days but can also rely wholly on it for all his appointments & meetings.

While it advertises your brand for a long-term, it makes a useful gift for your patrons, a win-win situation for both 🙂

Quite Affordable

True, that calendars are not as exciting & engaging as TV commercials, but it has been proven that they provide effective advertising at fraction of the cost.

Unlike newspaper, radio, and TV advertisements which are likely to be flipped past or muted or missed, calendars have high capability to fully broadcast your message.

Since calendars are seen by people almost on all days of the year, your message has a great probability of reaching its full potential. And, obviously, you can’t ignore the immense affordability!

Amazingly Versatile

You are mistaken if you are using calendar only to track dates and days. From building your identity, increasing your traffic to motivating your employees, calendars can possibly do everything a small business owner is looking for.

Use it at Point of Purchase, Door Openers, Safety Programs, Public Relations or use them as ‘give-aways’ at Trade Shows and other special occasions or give them as holiday gifts and business gifts.

Fund Raising, Community Pride, Yearlong Thanks & Product Illustration are some of the uses of an advertising calendar.

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