Early Bird Discounts | 2017 Calendar Update Complete!


With nearly all 2017 business calendar themes updated, we gave the final thumbs up to our announcement mailing containing the 2017 Early Bird Discount details.

For 2016 (2017 calendars) we are offering two Early Bird Discounts:  1st) 12% off thru 5/31/16,  use code EB12;  2nd) 7% off thru 7/31/16, use code EB7. Applies to Standard and Custom calendars in our store!

Check our new store and take a peek through our new calendars.

Shop now:  www.valuecalendars.com



(Click image to view as PDF)


(Click image to view as PDF)

Featured is our most popular custom calendar, the 13-month custom photo appointment calendar.  (Link to Custom Photo Calendars)

Returning customer will notice many new categories of promotional calendar formats and themes.   Additional in-depth updates on specific calendar style are in the works, but thanks to our cool new site map I can give you an quick overview of the breadth and depth of our 2017 promotional and custom business calendar line-up.

Here is the site map for our business calendar website (clink link to follow):

We really appreciate your interest in our company.  If we can help with anything else please let us know.  Thank you!


Scott @ ValueCalendars.com