Custom Calendar & Promotional Calendar Category Updates

While updating our calendar store, there were a series of calendar category name and taxonomy adjustments that caused undesired broken or misdirected links.  All final planned changes have completed and updated URL redirects are in place, hopefully making all bookmarked products and saved page links relevant once more.

Following is the complete updated calendar website page hierarchy as of April 289, 2016:

Site map

We appreciate your continued interest in our calendar printing company.  If you have any questions, please let us know.


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Fun promotional calendar advertisements from

Here at, we have the privilege of helping advertisers find the right custom calendar to compliment and project their organization’s brand and marketing message.  Each year, our calendar designers work hard to discover amazing images to pair with both timeless and contemporary designs that focus on elevating the power of your custom message.

The annual calendar shopping experience should be fun.  At least we think so!

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We appreciate your interest and continued support of our company.  If you have any questions about standard imprinted or completely custom business calendars, please let us know.


Scott Russell
View current calendar promotions here:, LLC – Advertising Calendars for Business

Custom 6-Sheet Desk Tent Spiral Calendar, LLC

Your Branding. Your Message. Your Calendars. based out of Gardner, Massachusetts, offers a range of diversified commercial business calendar products with full graphic design, printing and mailing services for its customers across the United States.  It’s truly a one-stop shop for all your custom calendar and branding needs.

Whether it’s for businesses or institutions, our small family owned company strives hard to offer friendly services, an amazing online shopping experience and affordable prices on all of our quality calendars, together ensuring the highest value possible for each marketing dollar spent with us.

What we do specializes in customized calendar and planner products designed to communicate your information and promotional brand message while also saying “Thank You” as a thoughtful, utilitarian gift. Advertising with calendars allows you to ‘play it by year’, keeping your logo and information on full display, viewed daily by you customers, onlookers and visitors, for the entire year.

While our selection of personalized calendars can seem vast, we purposefully built a collection of over 700 calendar products in order to lend you the best medium for broadcasting your brand message and achieving client desirability.

Our online store is primarily categorized into three segments:

1) Standard imprinted calendars organized by product format,

2) Standard imprinted calendars categorized by theme, and

3) Custom calendars designed for your custom photos.

Standard Calendar – by Format

Application, distribution and pricing based shopping can be accommodated more easily by searching through these product format categories.  Our customizable calendar formats include:

Appointment Calendars  |  Card Calendars  |  Commercial Calendars  |  Desk Top Calendars  |  Executive Calendars  |  Magnet Calendars  |  Planners  |  Self-Adhesive (Stick on) Calendars  |  Unique Calendars

Standard Calendar – by Theme

Connect your promotional calendar theme with your brand & your client’s interests and boost your brand awareness like never before. Pick your perfect promotional calendar from the following popular theme categories and widen your reach:

America Calendars  |  Animal Calendars  |  Art Calendars  |  Farm & Garden Calendars  |  Food & Drink Calendars  |  Home & Realty Calendars  |  Glamour Calendars  |  Religious Calendars  |  Scenic Calendars  |  Spanish Calendars  |  Sports & Outdoors Calendars  |  Vehicle Calendars  |  Wellness Calendars  |  Wildlife Calendars

Custom Calendar – Use Your Custom Photos

Custom calendars can extend yearlong Thanks to your clients while you effectively broadcast your business message at the same time. Get unlimited flexibility to highlight your products, equipment, people (employees), causes etc. according to your needs and preferences.  Custom calendars are great for fundraising campaigns too!

Custom Appointment Calendars  |  Custom Single Image Calendars  |  Custom 3-Month View Calendars  |  Custom 6-Sheet Calendars  |  Custom Desk Top Calendars  |  Custom Full Year View Calendars  |  Custom Magnet Calendars  |  Custom Planners  |  Custom Stick Up Calendars

The ValueCalendars All-inclusive Support

Nearly all of our business calendars include custom imprinting and/or allow for use of your own custom photos.  With in-house graphic design services, can easily help you with free basic setup as well as more extensive artwork design services to fit your customized calendar needs.

You can rely on for all your calendar printing and full calendar mailing services.  From our mail distribution facilities, your printed calendars (and inserts) can be easily prepared and sent to your individual client lists.  Save time and money with bulk mail processing & standard postage rates.

The Belief

Operating since 2006, the thing we’ve always valued most is our Customers. As a customer-oriented company, we believe in being fair and treating others the way we’d like to be treated. We aspire to be your trusted calendar printer not only this year but for long-haul.

We believe you can best tell what a company is made of when things don’t go right, but instead, when things go wrong.  A commitment to owning fault, a sense of caring and urgency, and a steadfastness in doing what’s fair is what you can expect from us.

We are working progressively to enhance our services & shopping experience for our customers and will ALWAYS continue to do that.

Early Bird Discounts | 2017 Calendar Update Complete!


With nearly all 2017 business calendar themes updated, we gave the final thumbs up to our announcement mailing containing the 2017 Early Bird Discount details.

For 2016 (2017 calendars) we are offering two Early Bird Discounts:  1st) 12% off thru 5/31/16,  use code EB12;  2nd) 7% off thru 7/31/16, use code EB7. Applies to Standard and Custom calendars in our store!

Check our new store and take a peek through our new calendars.

Shop now:



(Click image to view as PDF)


(Click image to view as PDF)

Featured is our most popular custom calendar, the 13-month custom photo appointment calendar.  (Link to Custom Photo Calendars)

Returning customer will notice many new categories of promotional calendar formats and themes.   Additional in-depth updates on specific calendar style are in the works, but thanks to our cool new site map I can give you an quick overview of the breadth and depth of our 2017 promotional and custom business calendar line-up.

Here is the site map for our business calendar website (clink link to follow):

We really appreciate your interest in our company.  If we can help with anything else please let us know.  Thank you!


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2017 Calendars

Most of our calendars have been updated and you can expect to see the complete line of 2017 calendars soon.  We will contact all customers as soon as the store update is complete.

In addition to the new store, you can expect to see a shift in our products and offering.   It has always been our focus to offer lots of choices and the best value possible-that has not changed-what has changed is our technology, our levels of wholesale partnership and our commitment to meet customer demand.   These changes will be evident in our new pricing, the free 1-4 color imprinting available on many products and our expanded selection of product categories including Commercial Calendars, Executive Calendars, Professional Sport Schedules, Stick On Calendars, Z-Fold Greeting Card and more.

Expect more communication and updates as we finish up the final 2017 store updates.

Thank you for your continued support–we appreciate your interest and your business!

Scott Russell

Our new online store is ready!

After many years of planning the new website is open and ready for business!  We are so proud of the new store and can’t wait for customers to get in there and check it out.

Click here to visit:

Read a copy of our official press release by following one of these links:

Look out for additional updates which will be coming soon.  If you have any questions, please let us know. Thanks!

Scott @

Proud new chamber members!

We are proud to announce our new memberships to both the Greater Gardner Chamber of Commerce (GGCOC) and the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce (NVCOC).  We are very excited to meet many new people and learn so much more about our region & neighbors.

For the NVCOC, I’ve had involvement for over 10 years as a past owner of a chamber member company.  Melissa Fetterhoff and everyone at her office have been so kind and helpful through the years; I am very happy & proud to be associated with them once again.

When it comes to the GGCOC I am very much new, but also very excited to have joined. I have lived in Gardner for over 10 years and love the area.  Now having relocated my business here, I am excited to have to opportunity to meet others expanding our professional network within the local community.

Again, we are very much appreciative for the affiliations and really look forward to meeting many new friends!

About Us

We are a small family owned company based in Gardner, Massachusetts. Since 2006, we have printed  custom business calendars for our diverse group of clients located across the country.  The majority of our customers are repeat customers who understand the value of our product and the value of working with folks who care their business.  We believe that being fair and treating others the way you would like to be treated is critical.  It is our goal to be your calendar printer for the long haul.

We are proud members of both the Greater Gardner Chamber of Commerce and the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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Scott Russell – Founder, President

Since its inception in 2006, Scott has played a major role in the development of managing the website design and e-commerce development.  After taking full ownership of the calendar company in March of 2015, a complete website overhaul was initiated adding responsive design and other functions improving shopping experience. Originally from the Champlain Valley Region of Vermont, Scott moved to Massachusetts in 1998 where he currently resides with his 3 children. Scott is a graduate of Northeastern University and enjoys fishing, ocean kayaking and spending time outdoors with his family.